Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My Morning---Psalm 19:1

I have lost!  A good resource says that it is not unusual to lose 5 lbs in a short time...wow!  I didn't want to go and do it crazy fast, but this rate is really good and I like that I can see how many calories I have left in the day...The app is a great help.

I took my quick walk this morning...very nice and cool.  Next I will be going to the "city", a little lady needs a ride.  She is having her eyes dilated, so needs a driver.  I also hope to have my hair cut---no trimmed.  Time will tell how that turns out.

I worked on tiles off and on yesterday.  Have them ready for the kiln, but I have to wait until tomorrow to fire since I'll be gone today.
Picked 4 squash...I would pull the plants, but they just look so nice I hate to do that.  Reason---I am tired of eating squash.  Also dug some potatoes...hee hee --one plant was a volunteer from last year...must have been a speck of potato left in the pot...anyway, I dug 3 potatoes...a nice crop..:)

A beautiful day.  Here it is almost August...oh my, my mind says it should still be June.

Till next time.


  1. Phenomenal job!!!! So happy for you! Wow, 5 pounds. You know what that equals??? 20 sticks of butter!!! I've always wondered where it goes. hahahahaha So glad the app is helping. You are amazing for doing this. The hardest part is getting started! Love you tons!!!!

  2. Like the tile! Keep it up, Mom! How did the hair turn out???