Friday, October 6, 2017


Where are they?  Do they know something I don't know?  Maybe so, because I haven't seen but one.  Ahhh maybe there is another feeder in the neighborhood.

Black Bean salad

Ok, I wanted an easy salad.  But out of what. So here it is.  I really like it, much to my surprise.

1 can black beans, drained but do not rinse
1 4 oz can roasted and pealed green chilies
1 Diced tomato
Lettuce greens

Mix and add lettuce right before dressing required!

Sunday, September 17, 2017







The pictures are not the best, and of course the date does not show on the card.  They are blank inside.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

September 5

Started  out from Garvens store at about 8:40. It was a beautiful day.
First stop was in Menard, there is an old fort (?) well they think that is where it is.
Stopped at Anson for a quick antique fix.  Could have stayed much on longer.  Prices are very reasonable.  We all decided we need to stop back by on the way home. Lunch was at DQ.
Spent the night in Kim's Cottage in Canadian. They have turned an old building that is next to the movie theater into a bed and breakfast. The room is like a one room apartment. There is a sunken bathtub and a shower.  Old kitchen cupboard with breakfast items.
Alas, no tea, so I am having a weak cup of coffee.  Beautifully done with antiques and early 1940 s. The bed was made of 4x4  post bolted to 1x12 s to make a bed frame.  Very comfortable bed.  Breakfast is your choice of cereal, pop tarts or breakfast bars.

Last night we ate at the cafe that has a big cow for the sign.  Very good large baked potato, salad bar, one roll, and a small chicken fried steak.  Stuffed at the end.

Shower time , leaving at nine.
Happy travels.