Critters, plants, and sightings of the wild

Somewhere in Germany
American Gold Finch
Pear blooms

Banty and chick
Dad feeding his Spanish goats - 2008
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Reflection Seat

Purple Sage
Rainbow Valley

No name yet for this vine...

Matelea reticulata

Pear Blooms
Texas Bluebonnet
Taken with my Cannon
sunrise in the canyon
Ice cream treat in Germany---yummy
A proud little rooster
Texas Prickly Pear
Enchanted Rock
Wine Cup
Butterfly house in Germany
Rochester, MN
Fields of North Dakota
Enchanted Rock
Little road in Texas

Badlands of North Dakota

A beautiful morning in North Dakota
Texas roadside in April 2010


  1. Oh man, I love these pictures. Well, all of them, but especially the one taken from the deck in ND. Haven't seen that in a while and it pulled at my heartstrings!

  2. Beautiful pictures!! I am just amazed every day at God's creativity! Can't reproduce the colors, though you are doing a good job trying! AC

  3. I love your Crossandra blooms. So pretty!