Friday, July 15, 2016

A Morning in my Life

Well, this has been a week, or almost a week.  Yes, a week since I decided to do some weight loss.  What a bummer, but I just don't want to get to the point that I am running around on a little cart because I can't walk.  So, I downloaded an app on my Apple that tracks my calories...such a help!  It figured how many calories I would need each day to lose a few pounds.  I started with a small amount so it would not make my brain go wack o.  I hope this is a slowly but sure way to do it.  I can see that I'll have to do some more to lose the belly.  So far, I am ahead of belly isn't hanging down to my knees.  What a lovely sight to think about. But it was time to start doing something about it....well, past time.

I now have a digital scale and an app.  I am already getting some results.  But I think it may have been fluid. 

I am not hungry.....I just want to I should get to doing something...keeping my mind off food is the challenge.

I made bread this morning...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it smelt good.  Yes, I watched the amount that I ate.

I did laundry and ironed hubby's shirts.  I fed the hummingbirds and now I am going to get some cleaning done.

Till next time.


  1. What a cute tile! ugh...I love eating too. Glad the app is helpful. keep it up!!!

  2. You are doing great!!! Keep up the great work!!!