Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Journal--Still on Board

Today I cooked chocolate chip cookies...a hard endeavor when you don't want to eat a handful, but really you do want to eat a handful. The sense of smelly was working really well.  They smelled so good, and they looked so good.  I did not burn even one pan.  The cookie scoop worked great.  Hubby gave them a try and said they were good.  Plenty of nuts in them.

I unloaded the kiln early this morning...I am pleased with the outcome.  I am using a different tile now-- you know how it is---go back into a store for something you have been buying for ages and what do you find?  Not what you wanted...something new and improved...ha  Anyway, these are not improved.

I did take a walk this afternoon.  Just down and up the road once.

Well, it is late, so until next time.

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