Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Day So Far

6:15 a.m. Rise and Shine
Another cloudy misty day
I did some computer work...Pinterest.  Deleted some pins and boards.  I haven't looked at some of the boards in a long time, so I just deleted.
Separated peaches into ripe and unripe piles, but can't get in the mood to work on them.  Maybe this afternoon.
Have 8 tiles pictures lined out, now for the color and scripture.  Maybe will have them ready to fire tomorrow.

Found out last night at church that the ladies are giving/hosting a dinner on Saturday for our graduating girl.
What to fix?  I do have a pork roast in the freezer---maybe sliders.  Then some kind of salad.  Dessert?  I don't know.  I have an email out asking about what is being brought.

Ahhhhh the sun is peaking out some...oh it makes me feel better just seeing the sun.  The wind is blowing some, so it should be a nice day for some outside work.  I started digging in my Flower making an edge around the plants.  Hard to describe, so maybe a picture one of these days.  Oh and did I tell you.  I get so many catalogs and junk mail--one day I decided to recycle them into my garden...I am now laying them side by side and on top of each other, if they are thin, to make a weed/grass free walk around my garden.  Next, I will dig the dirt up to the edge of the paper...should help control the grass.  If I get really, really ambitious, I will haul sand and lay that on top of the paper.  Maybe that is a next year project.
So much for today...

7:58 p.m. A burst of energy came upon me after a supper of tacos, so I have been finishing tiles and peeling peaches.  They are cooking as I write....need to go stir.
I also took "the walk" today...oooo so humid.

Thunder storm on the way from the west.


  1. I like reading your journals. Love you Mama!

  2. Cute tile! Great idea with your magazines!