Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My Day So Far

6:35  a.m.  Rise and Shine?

Today I did some chair side shopping....the easiest kind as far as I am concerned.  Yes, it may not fit, yes, I have to wait a few days, and yes, they charge postage,  but to drive 2 hours to shop cost also.  I mean, not counting the gas, wear and tear on the car, we would have to eat out and go from store to store and to look for things.  So, fingers crossed, maybe they will fit.

Moved on to peeling peaches and cooking a larger batch...41/2 pints are in the jars.  I didn't cook any yesterday, so there would be a larger batch ripe and ready today.

Next was laundry...always laundry.  Oooppps I didn't get the bed made before lunch...hmmm maybe before bedtime.

Laundry ready for the dryer and then it is on to tile painting.  Lowe's has discontinued the tiles I was using, so I will be hoping these cook off the same way.  They are still made in the USA, so the quality should be good.

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  1. They always discontinue good stuff...hope these tiles work. And hope the clothes fit!