Friday, May 27, 2016

My Day So Far--Psalm 66:20

7:00 a.m.
Hey, so I slept in some...but I am up and at it now.
I feel like I have already accomplished something for the day.
I took "the walk" while it was nice and cool.  Let the chickens out of their inner room.  You would think they had been let out into a hundred acres...they were so happy.  You could just tell.
Then a little hummer let me know that his jar was empty.  Yes, I knew it was empty, but the Scotts Oriole, 4 of them, have been emptying the feeder everyday.  Well!  I put a cage around it this morning.  We'll see what happens.

Started the kiln at 7:45 by noon, I should be turning it off.

Checked the FG.  Saw some little critter run out under the fence...hmmmm guess what I'll be doing.  I have been missing the tips off  some of the the tomato blooms.  I thought they were just falling off, but now I wonder.  It looks like they have been bitten off.  Some have fallen, you can tell, because the stems are yellow.  I have one patty squash trying to get big.  Maybe with some sunshine it will fatten up and be ready to pick.  Three more squash plants are up and growing...they are planted directly in the ground.  Hope they do better.  Can you believe it?  The zucchini seeds didn't come up.  They were old, but zucchini!...I thought it was unstoppable.

Got to run...have a good day.

8:00 p.m.
Long days and sunshine
Peaches are peeled and in the kettle..sugar and lemon juice added.  Now to cook them down and jar them up.

Shadows are beginning to form on the mountain tops.  Now the day is over...night is drawing nigh..

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  1. What?? Your zucchini didn't come up??? Glad you got your walk in!