Saturday, May 28, 2016

My Day--Psalm 86:15

We woke again to a cloudy misty morning, but now at 5:30 PM the clouds are broken and the sun is shining.  We do have a chance of thunderstorms tonight. So far, the heavy rain has gone around to the south or north...also the hail.

First thing to do is check the kiln and bring the tiles in.  These are different tiles from the ones I have been using--there is a difference in the outcome, but they will work. 
Yesterday, I went to the FG to pick lettuce...oh it looked so sad.  The poor leaves were almost on the ground.  Water, Water I need water.  I pulled some and the soil was damp, but it needed a fresh drink.  This morning I went out and checked to see how it looked....very perky.  I think the time to pick lettuce is in the early morning.  This is the first time I have really grown any leaf lettuce that survived and was good enough to eat..

We had a graduation dinner to attend at 12 noon in town.  I made a vegetable salad...a big one...and it was almost gone by the time we left.  It is a very easy and quick salad for a crowd. Open, open, open those cans.

Marinated Salad
Picture from Allrecipes

I did change it some...yes, I did.  I didn't have any shoe peg corn, so just used yellow canned corn. Pinterest has many recipes that are along the same lines.   

This afternoon----zzz---zzz---zzz---zzz. 

Tonight, a fresh tomato, thanks to friends from the coast, and lettuce salad for supper. 

Until next time.

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  1. Glad you took such a big salad--you make me laugh--open,open open those cans! Haha!