Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My Day---Psalm 36:5

5:54 PM
No I haven't been in bed all day...but there was not much going on this morning.  We were just watching the computer weather map...watching the little yellow circles turn into larger circles.  But again, no hail. We are still in a flood watch. 
It really poured for a few minutes and we thought, " this is it"...a big rise, but nope, it stopped.

Since I couldn't go outside, I sat and crocheted some.  I am working on a corner to corner shawl.   I have one skein into it and will probably do another half of another skein before I put an edge on.  I am thinking of doing a tied fringe...but not to long.  I will have to play with some ideas and look on Pinterest.  I am starting to get a collection of half used yarn, so some day there will be something that is all colors and textures.  Hee hee who will get that? 

Then of course, there was laundry.  Today was sheet day since I didn't get them done yesterday.  Then, the last of the peaches were peeled and sugared.  I put one bag in the freezer and the other bowl in the fridge to use on the plain cake.  So, that left the kitchen counter needing to be cleared off and canning things put away.  Yes! 
After that was done, the electricity went of and right back on...but I thought I should draw some drinking water in case we lost power for a longer time.  No electricity-no water.

I took the walk and let the chickens out.
Fixed each of us a one egg omelet (short on eggs).    I will sure be ready for the pullets to start laying.
The omelet turned out good.  Onions, pinto beans, peppers, and cheese...with left over biscuits ...

Then it was time for a nap...just didn't sleep much last night, so a nap was on the schedule.  Ahhhh

Just finished supper.  Fresh stir fried veggies with chicken...pinto beans on the side. 

The bed is made, but guess what?  The kitchen needs cleaning....didn't I do that earlier?  Comes around often..:)  must mean we have plenty to eat.

Take care,

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  1. Good verse to a cute picture. And my kitchen always needs cleaning.