Friday, June 3, 2016

My Day So Far--Psalm 89:15

6:30 AM
Another rainy day...raining down right now and more to come they say.
I saw little ears this morning...Ole Faithful had her little baby...poor little wet thing, but Mommy was taking care of it.  Girl or Boy?

I think I will paint some today....

 5:22 PM
I have no idea how much it has rained and on all day and more still to come.  But the lakes and rivers needed to be filled up again.

I dare not move to much...the charger for my laptop is on the only charges if you hold it and your mouth (not) just right, or do  not wiggle to much.  I have another one ordered, and I hope it is better than the last one.  The last one was the exact kind that came with the computer, which didn't last that long.  When these decide to quick working, they quit.  Where is the problem?  in the wire?  in the plug?  I don't know, but  I hope the new one will be better.

I was able to go out to the FG between rains to check on the flowers and the veggies.  The green bean plant (3) look wonderful, but no blooms yet.  The squash look good also, but there are not that many squash on board.
I have an invasion of something...what makes a 1 inch round hole into the ground?  I covered it up the other day, but it is back today...a perfect 1 inch tunnel down into the ground.  What a builder!  I think it may be a big spider. I found it after some of my plants went missing.

The creek is running across the road, but so far, it has not been washed  out since the grader made a pass to smooth it out.  That was on Tuesday.  I think we have rain in the forecast for one more day.

I did get started on some new tiles.  I have the verses done-next will be the pictures and color.  Maybe tomorrow for that.

(The battery is about 1/2 charged.)

Take care,

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