Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ahhhh Ice Tea!

After working in the yard this morning, I decided to come is starting to warm up just a little to much...Iced tea sounded so good. No not Sweet Tea...I am watching the sugar, and anyway,  sometimes it is just to sweet. Ahhhhh 

I didn't like the gray pots that I had put in the cactus garden...blaaaa blaaa...but I am not sure these are any better, but I think they have a better shape and look more like pottery. Do you know how hard it is to find the right pot at the end of gardening season?  I need one more, and I am confident that I will find one in a Walmart near you...So on to transplanting the cactus into the new pots...a sticky job.  I needed gravel, so I made two trips to the real creek for rocks and gravel. Three small buckets at a time. (No lifting anything heavy)

Yesterday at a Walmart near you, I found a Crocodile Plant.  It needs to have very good drainage, so it is planted on a little hill of rocks and gravel.  Maybe tomorrow I will start filling in around it more.  Oops I must have misread the seems it is a very tender plant.  I thought it said good to 0 degrees......may need to change it to a potted inside plant.  But for now, it has a new home while I do some more research.
Almost finished with the rocks

Another beautiful visitor in the FG this morning.  I watched him work over the pink zinnias while I was trying to decide if I should make a run for the camera....Camera won out.  This butterfly is very tame, not like the Monarch which flits out of camera range.  This one would come toward me and open his wings so nicely.  Did you know some close their wings when eating and some open their wings when eating?  New information to me.  So this beautiful guy was a really good subject.

His favorite flower is the Zinna