Wednesday, January 14, 2015

No Blue Skies

After I posted yesterday morning, it started to cloud know, just a little hazy.  This morning it is very cloudy and about 36 degrees, but I remembered that we need cold weather for the fruit trees to set fruit.  I don't understand it, but trees need so many days of cool/cold weather.  In Texas, you don't know when that will happen.  I am already counting my peaches before they ripen.  Last year we picked enough for about 3 small jars of jam.  This jam is made by just cooking down peaches and sugar.  Wow, is it good.  I also would like to get a dehydrator for peaches and pears, but I don't know if it is worth the effort and time.

Report on the rustic bread.  Well, it is easy to make, but the crust is very tough.  The next day, after being covered all night, it was somewhat better.  But, to put it in the oven and toast that is good.  Makes very crisp toast.  It is not something I will serve to guest...not everyone likes tough bread.  And, I don't think it had much flavor.  Does bread have flavor?


  1. Cute tile! And yes, bread has flavor!!

  2. yes, bread has flavor and no, dont serve it to guests! Their teeth may pop out!!!