Friday, January 16, 2015

Dishwasher Troubles

Can it be the little dishwashing packets?  I don't know for sure, but....

About a month or 2 ago, the dishwasher started filling...then it would empty and "post" an OE on the screen.  Of course, I googled  what it could mean.  Some various answers came up, but one I liked was the filter was clogged....we have very hard water, so I started spraying the filter that is inside the machine with vinegar, and after about 3 tries, the washer would run.  THEN, I read on a blog that the little packets may not be the best for the washer.  I ran a dishwasher cleaner and soak...but still had the problem.   I ran another cleaner and soak earlier this week.  On Thursday I bought the old powder kind of soap..last night I used it for the first time.  The washer started the 2nd time.  This morning it started the first time.  Yea!  Now, before I become to excited, I want to see if it will run right for say a week.  Then I will be excited.

One reason I also questioned the packets, was I found that the ones I use in the laundry do not dissolve very well.  I have been poking them and letting the soap out, but then I am left holding this little bit of  ? plastic that goes down the drain?  So, have they been slow to dissolve in the dishwasher and don't clear out thus causing an error read.  I don't know, but I guess time will tell.  I really do like the little packets...


  1. That is interesting. Does the water not get hot enough to dissolve the packets?I don't even know if thats what dissolves them.

  2. Little packets are so convenient...