Friday, March 7, 2014

No More HB buns

I may never eat another store bought hamburger bun again. I wanted a hamburger for lunch, but did not have any store bought buns...but I did have homemade English Muffins.
I made the small meat patty to just fit the size of my muffin; cooked the HB meat and toasted the muffin all in the same pan.  I did butter the muffin first...ahhhh toasted warm muffin. Then I topped my cooked patty with one pre-cooked bacon strip and a teaspoon of Parmesan cheese.  I forgot to put on the Miracle Whip.  Saved some calories?  Maybe. It was good! I can hardly wait until summer and then I will put a vine ripened slice of tomato will really be good then.

I don't know if I did this link the right way, but maybe it will work.  English Muffin # 2. 

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