Friday, March 7, 2014

Enjoying the Friday

The day is coming up nicely...I do like this weather in least right now.  It is so nice to be outside.  The birds are singing, the robins are gathering for the trip north, and new leaves  popping.  Already the peach trees have some leaves coming out.  Oh and the agarita blooms are full of perfume.  It seems to really be strong in late evening.  
I think there will be a good crop this year.  If only the little berries were not so hard to pick.  They have a very mild flavor, and they do make a pretty jelly.

I went out early this morning, and I could smell a skunk...yes it is the season for them to be moving around.

My flower patch is coming along.  We have almost all the post up.  I have been trying to lay out a  design--in my head-- of how I want it to look.  For 30 years I have thought about having a garden that you walk around and at each spot you have a different flower...but I never get it done...I just put the flowers here and there and enjoy them anyway.  I have looked at large pots while at Walmart, but they did not have enough of the same kind.  Yes, I have changed my mind about just using any old thing that will hold dirt. 

Well, let me see if I can find a scripture tile for this great Friday.
Everyone--have a wonderful weekend.


  1. It sounds good to enjoy the weather and think about gardens! :) We are still watching the snow on the grass and roofs and waiting for it to leave......but it is warmer today. :) I sure look forward to getting the garden growing again. :) Thank you for posting. Gentle Joy

  2. So glad you are enjoying everything!!! And your HB sounds delicious! AC