Thursday, December 19, 2013

No More Wasted Celery

Yes, I bought celery a few weeks ago  just to find it a few days ago a mass of way to use that.  I always need just a little celery for this or that, but not the entire package.  So after throwing that out and while I was chopping two ribs from a new package, I thought why not chop the rest...and freeze it. Ok that sounds good. So I chopped it all and laid it out on a cookie sheet to fast freeze.  Once frozen, I put it into a zip-lock bag.  Little did I know I would use some of it this morning in the soup I am making for my sickie.  It was already prepared and ready to drip into the water.  Now, I don't know how it will end up tasting in the soup, but how can it be bad? I cook my soup to death anyway, so the celery should just be added flavor if it all falls apart.  Now no more soppy mess in the fridge because I have not used the celery.


  1. I'm interested in how it turns out. I heard that it doesn't freeze well because of the water, but maybe that's not the case. If so, I'll freeze it too! Hope dad feels better soon!

  2. Oh, I just looked it up and it said it was good for soups! Great idea Mom!!!