Friday, April 21, 2017

What's Happening Today?

Well all the plans I made yesterday didn't pan out.  I changed my mind.  I haven't painted, mowed,  or planted.  But I did go get the mail, take the garbage, and mail letters.  Why get dirty first, so those are my plans this afternoon.  A cool breeze is blowing, so it is really a nice day.  I decided to wash the porch before lunch.  Anyone ever mopped their porch?  Using an old mop, I mopped away.  It worked really well.  I didn't finish, but that is for another day.  Did you know dirt dobber mud is hard to get off?  I think it might be like cement.  It did not spray off with water.  I guess I will need a toothbrush and ladder.  Do I really think it needs to come off?  I mean, they will probably be back.

So for lunch...I had leftover oven roasted yams and carrots and chicken.  I just had a picnic on the porch and ate it cold.  A large glass of tea hit the spot.

I think mowing comes next, plus fixing the bird bath.  It is leaning.  Clouds in the west, but I don't think they are bringing rain.  I guess I should check the weather.

Until next time.

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  1. Did you get on the ladder with your toothbrush??