Thursday, April 20, 2017

Starting New

It's all new in what is happening Off the's been a long time since I posted anything, but I am going to try and get back into it.
SO......this morning I woke at ...almost 5.  Dozed off and on and finally got up at 6:30.
Had a bowl of cereal
Worked on the computer...trying to get it to come on
Then I said to myself.  Go do something constructive.
Went out and mowed with the walk behind weed eater.  Still not finished, but gaining on it.  Right now sweat is dripping off, or is that persperation. I think it is sweat.
To early for lunch
There is a stack of mail on the table, so (maybe) I'll work my way through that.

A friend said I should get a Mac laptop-- I wouldn't have any more problems.  Well if I had done that in the beginning, it would have been paid for by now.  Second laptop to have problems.  $$$$
So do I take it in...will it cost to have it repaired?  don't know until I take it in.  On the back in very small print, I think it says something about a 1 year warranty..need to find the magnifying glass to be able to read it.

What about a Mac ?

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  1. I like the tile! Was the magnifying glass helpful?