Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Paint, paint, paint

i am way behind on tiles..well I do not have any in stock, so today is pain, paint, paint.  It was cloudy and misty this morning, so it was a good morning to stay in.  But now the sun it trying to come out.  I need to go water the tomato plants and pull some green onions.  I have discovered I really like them in a salad.

I have about 4 hummingbirds.  I had bought new feeders, a new design, with tiny little slits.  Well the hummers just weren't staying. So, I took a large nail and enlarged the holes.  Now they want to sit and take a good drink.  Also have a Scotts oriole passing by. They are yellow and black. I saw a flash of orange the other day, but it hasn't been back.  Maybe one of these days.

Till next time.  Have a glass of iced tea and enjoy the day...it will only take a few minutes.

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