Saturday, August 6, 2016

Where Does the Time Go?

They say time flies by the older you get...surely we are not that old yet, but the time sure does fly by.
The weather is hot, the mornings and afternoons are cool, so that is when I can get out and some outside work.  I have inside projects to do, so I manage to stay busy.

The weight loss program is going well.  I have not been this weight in years....years.  I feel good, and so far it is not a problem eating less calories.  That is the key....less.  Less.  I did have a want to snack attack yesterday and instead of the chips, I chose a little cutie orange.  It did the job.  10 pounds!


  1. Wow, you hit the 10 pound mark?! So proud of you! And those snack attacks are sneaky. But good job on a healthy snack! Love you so much!

  2. Wow! 10 pounds is great! you have such will power not to eat chips...I love chips...