Sunday, August 14, 2016

More Okra and Squash

Yep, we still have okra running out our ears.  Some people say it produces way down into the fall.  Ok, I can do it, BUT we will have to eat okra this winter...often.  I have boiled, stir fried, baked, pickled, and frozen okra.  It has been great, and so low in calories.  I am glad I like it.  11 pounds.  Yea!

Squash and more squash too.  I know there are some to pick, but as I walk by, I look the other way and leave it on the vine.  OK I'll go pick it.  I know, I can give it away at church tonight.  Yes!

Our two young buck deer.

Dog, you are in trouble...stay out of the flowers. 


  1. Haha, that's a cute doggie. And he would be in trouble, rooting up your flowers! Wow, 11 pounds?! 9 more to go until you reach 20! Crazy! Love you Mama!!!

  2. I thought it was a bunny at first! Doesn't anyone like okra at church? You guys are having an amazing crop!

  3. And great job on the 11 pounds!