Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Picking up the Journal

It has been a few day since I did a page in the Journal...it's just been bla, bla, bla...Well, I have been trying to catch up on laundry and sleep.  Almost all the loads are done, but some need to be put away.

I took a load of tiles out this morning...some ok some maybe questionable.  I had another load ready to go in.  I have a question in my mind about firing in a different way.  I fire for 4 hours up to a temp of almost 1900 degrees F.  I am going to look into firing to a lower temp.  People that do china painting, I think, fire to a lower temp.  SO, can I cut down on my time and temperature?  All I really need is for the paint to stay on and be permanent. Should I mess up a sure way of firing?  Well, what can it hurt?

The FG is doing well.  I cut some leaves and part of the vines off the squash plant.  I wanted to take it out of the pot, but oh, there were some little squash just coming out, so I didn't have the heart to pull the entire plant.  Maybe I stressed it enough yesterday that it will wilt and die so then I can clean it out.  Oh, don't worry, I have new plants coming on.

Green beans are blooming really well, but it seems they are slow making little beans..am I rushing things?  Probably.

We know we have one fawn...have not seen any more.  There should be more---maybe they will come in soon.

We are having stuffed tacos tonight...nothing unusal...I just had to have a name for what I made.  Ground meat, browned, some pinto beans, corn, and pimentos.  Then it has all the spices of a taco.  Now, do I fill flour tortillas or corn.  I'll see what I have. 

Until later...

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