Thursday, June 9, 2016

My Day so Far--Psalm 1:1

We heard some exciting information on Tuesday about outreach in Central and South America.  The Solar Players are working really well in other parts of the world.  They have hours and hours of Bible lessons and World Bible School lessons all on a small hand held solar player.
Also they have A cappella  singing to help others learn new songs.  Most people where these will be going live in rural areas with little to no electricity.  Also many people do not read nor write, but they can hear.  Go into all the world....

I need to go grocery shopping..maybe tomorrow.

I need to do laundry...maybe tomorrow.

I need to mop...maybe tomorrow.

I need to nap...maybe today.  No not really.  It is getting to late in the day.

I need a glass of tea...yes!

I finished painting tiles this morning, and they should be cooked off by 3:00 PM

I also started a new shawl...I am making them kind of small, just big enough to go over the shoulders to block the AC that blows on my shoulders when we are in church.  I am using a cotton thread, the kind used for dish clothes, in an off white color.  I already have a black on finished and another multi color one that will go with navy.  Well, yes, I know I don't need so many, but I found that they are nice to give away once in awhile.

Take care,


  1. That's great about the solar panels. And cute doggie!

  2. Glad the solar players are so successful! And the doggie is really good!