Thursday, March 31, 2016

I Have Hope That There will Be Blooms

I am shocked!  This Amaryllis Bulb has been planted for 3 years, suffering with dry weather, grass and weeds, ant powder, cold weather; but it lives on and on. This spring I notices an extra plant.  What? it is multiplying.  And then, what I thought was a leaf, turned out to be a flower stalk..I couldn't believe it.  So now, I have pulled the grass and weeds and have given it a good drink.  Also, it has a wire tent in case a rabbit gets into the garden.  I can't wait to see what it looks like.  I don't even remember what color it was.

The climbing rose is just covered with huge rose buds.  We had a light frost the other night, and some of them look as if they were I am hoping that they will still open.

This is Hollyhock that I planted last made it through the winter and now has two flower stakes coming out.  I will wait until it blooms and then decide whether it will stay or go.  I guess I had hopes of more bloom stakes.  We will see.

Ahhhh this is an old stand by...very reliable and it will grow just about anywhere.  It is called a Blanketflower or  Gaillardia Aristata.  It can stand bad soil, hot weather, and dry spells.

It is yellow and plain, but oh so pretty when all of them are blooming at the same time.  Lots of stems coming on.

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  1. How pretty!!! Did they survive the hail?????