Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Where's the Zucchini?

Well, maybe it hasn't been long enough for the zucchini to sprout...but the sweet peas are up and growing.  I should have English peas by the end of November...haaaaaa haaaaa..I'll believe that when I see it. 
I am really hoping for some zucchini..

The volunteer tomatoes are starting to get ripe.  There are so many cherry tomatoes...I will be looking on Pinterest for cherry tomato recipes.  I made a sweet hot sauce last year that was good.  It was for green tomatoes, and I think I will have some green tomatoes again this year.

Salvia, salvia oh how it does grow....and seed.  But I like it.  It is easy to dead head, and when you do, it gets right to work and puts on new blooms.  The plant is easy to pull up when you don't want them in a certain spot, but I like them, and the hummingbirds like them also.  I started with Texas natives, but have since ordered seeds.  Mostly the colors are red, but there is one blue that is not native, and a light pink.  I am not sure, but  it might be a cross from last year.  

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  1. I hope your zucchini comes! Would be surprising if it didn't grow....about the only place in the world maybe...haha! Very pretty tile.