Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday's Hope

Today we had a Ladies Luncheon.  There were, I think, 15 little ladies...the oldest being 92.  They talked and laughed and ate more than usual...I am sure.  I knew I could count on them being there unless they were not feeling well.  I mean what else do you have to do that is different from a doctors visit....

We almost had to cancel..oh no!  Yes, for the last few day we have been warned of heavy rain and flooding.  I live where the creeks can wash out the I want to be anywhere but at home? No, I want to be at home during that kind of rain.  But there was a pause in the light rain we had been having, and even though the sky was heavy with clouds, it did not rain on our parade...and they did come.  As a party favor, they each took home a bite size milky way...did the Milky Way make it home?  Hmmmm I am not to sure about that.  Anyway, I think everyone had a nice time.  They each made "Thank You bags",
 thanks to 3 other girls who brought all the supplies.  Thank you bags are the little brown sandwich bag with fall decorations on the outside.  Inside is a plastic snack bag filled with peanuts and caramel corn.  The idea is...give it to someone and say thank you for.... They were all excited and knew who they were going to give their bag to.

Party favors
                                                  The brown you see is the Milky Way bar.
To Someone Special

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  1. The party favors are so cute!! I know the ladies loved it! You did a great job!