Wednesday, September 30, 2015

We Just Gotta Be Joyful

I was somewhat joyful this morning.  I'll let you be the the judge.  To be or not to be..I have had a large flower pot, dirt, and seeds, but I have just not taken the time to fill it and plant the seeds.  My supply of seeds was limited....on the back it tells  you when to plant, so I couldn't use all the spring seeds that I have. Finally, I found two packets that said to plant from September to February.  Yea! I can plant something.  One was a packet of peas...I planted them in an already prepared container, but today I planted...ta da....zucchini squash.  Three seeds are buried inch deep with the soil all smoothed and just waiting for them to sprout.  In the spring, I had one zucchini plant and had ALL the squash we could eat.  Maybe I'll have some to give away this fall.

And speaking of sprouting, I have some sprouting seeds.  A variety of the common seeds that people sprout.  I have yet to start some.  I bought a sprout kit while in Germany, but had to leave the seeds behind.  I didn't want to declare seeds and cause a problem.  Anyway thanks to, I now have a supply of seeds that will probably last for 10 years.  I need to do some more reading and then get started.  Here's to happy sprouting.


  1. Oh Wow, I should plant a fall garden! But I have to ask Jeff to till it. Maybe I'll talk to him about it. I hope your seeds pop up and produce! I really like your tree in this tile. It's very nice.

  2. Hope you have some sprouts soon!!