Sunday, May 24, 2015

Asiatic Lilies in Texas

While living in the far north, where it was windy and very cold, I planted Asiatic Lilies.  They are so dependable, wind resistant, and they come back year after year.  Saves time and money.  The second year in Texas I bought one of those bags from know the ones?...I planted 2 packages in large containers and let them grow and bloom.  Yes they did bloom.  Then I transplanted on into the red clay soil of the Texas Hill Country.  This year I am happy to say the ones in the pots are blooming and the one in the ground is going to bloom.  This has been such a WET spring, so I did not know how they would like all the wet.

Last night we had more rain and a hurricane force wind.  We have a lot of strong wind in this canyon, and this morning I was happy to see the lilies still standing and they still had their flower petals.  As I said, a very dependable flower.

I do have them behind a fence...the deer will eat the bloom heads off if given a chance.

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