Thursday, April 16, 2015

Second Iris

Well, here is the dilemma--last year I planted  red salvia....and it did really well.  Easy and quick to flower.  I thought it would come back from the seeds, and I do see about 3 plants coming up, but I think some critters (ants) carried off the seeds.  This year came along and the Iris' bloomed...oh that is what I want to plant!  Well, maybe----now I am back to salvias...well maybe one more iris. Or two...I just have to find a little spot to plant them in.  The Salvias last all summer and the Iris last for about a month.


  1. I say do both. You need flowers all summer. Just break down and buy the salvia plants. They aren't that much!

  2. Gorgeous iris by the way. So gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful! I agree, you need flowers all summer. So get both! :)