Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Yes, today I am trying another French bread recipe...I had to trace this one back to the one that is called Grandma's French Bread...follow the link and you will see good pictures.  I really liked the texture of the dough and how easy it was to mix....caution!  just add the flour a small amount at a time...a different day makes a difference in how much four you mix in.  It was amazing how much it would rise in 10 minutes.  I must say....I forgot how many times I let it sit and raise...4 or 5.  It made two beautiful loaves.  And guess what?  I followed the recipes.  On one blog with this recipe, it gives the caution about adding flour...I learned something.  Anyway, it is in the oven ---cooking---testing to come.


Review tomorrow or after the bread is gone.

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