Sunday, November 9, 2014

Last of the Roses in the Canyon

This rose bush is in a large container, and it has had a couple of hard years.  One of the very first plants I bought when we moved here was an on sale packaged rose bush at Walmart.. I planted it in the ground---hot, hot summer just about did it I lifted it and put it in a small container where I could water and fence it from the deer.  It even had a bloom for me to admire.  Then last year, it moved to the carport..not much sunlight, but it still lived.  This past spring, I moved it into a large container into the fenced flower garden.  It received lots of sunlight, and I watered it almost every day.  I have never had roses, so how much to water was the question.   It lived and had a few blooms all summer, but with the cooler weather it seems to really be getting serious about growing. It has been putting out new growth and buds....but alas, it is almost frost time.

1 comment:

  1. Such pretty roses! Maybe it will really grow next year! AC