Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Transplanting Salvia

My salvia did so well and spread so many seeds that I have little plants all around the Flower Garden...but I think that is good, except some are in the walking path.  I decided to transplant.  I dug two plants day before yesterday and put them in a large planter that was almost empty...they were a sad sight.  They were flat to the ground, limp as a noodle.  Well, I could see that wasn't going to work, but I watered them anyway.

Today when I went to water much to my surprise they looked like new plants...standing tall.  So, I cleared another two places up at the front of the garden  and stuck two more plants in.  I don't know what color they will be since I had planted a mixture of seeds.

But getting ahead of myself . I had gone shopping, online of course, looking for salvia. I received plants last year from my daughter from a nursery that has deer resistant plants and products.  I found their packing slip and decided to see what they had...yes, sometimes it is good not to clean out the drawers to often.  Anyway there was their name and web site.  So shopping I went.http://www.deerresistantplants.com/  My order will be shipped tomorrow....Oooooo I need to dig some holes.

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  1. Yeah!!! I am so glad you have found something that blooms and is deer resistant! Looking forward to seeing your new plants! AC