Friday, October 24, 2014

Texas Star Landscape

First Layout

This will be an on going project, but since I have plenty of rocks, I wanted to use them in the front yard landscape..somehow.  Here is the beginning.
On this layout, I have 7 points.  This was done before I decided to do a Texas Lonestar.
Coming together

Each point took me about 3 loads (small) of rocks.  Since I am in such "great" shape, I could only pick up and load a small load.

Looking better
All Done
After I had finished all the points and the center, I added small gravel to fill in the cracks between the rocks.  Next, make a dry creek bed to tie into the star...I am not sure just how this next idea will go, but the rocks are movable.


  1. You did a great job!!! I bet it looks even better in person. I bet it is really cool to look at from the mountain! AC

  2. I love it. That is really cool and Amanda is right, it will look great from above. What are you going to design next?