Monday, October 6, 2014

Scoop and Drop Yeast Rolls

My daughter served these rolls one day when I was visiting her...they were so good. Just so light and tender and yummy.  I even used individual little bowls to scoop  the dough into and cook, but being from the old school, it was hard not to add extra flour...the dough is very thin compared to most roll dough...but I did not add even one extra tablespoon... -rolls/detail.aspx  The thing I did change this time was how they were contained.  I scooped and dropped the dough into a greased 9x13 ovenproof dish.  I put 4 across, but I think next time, for potluck, I will put 5 across. These turned out rather large...ahhh they made a good sausage breakfast sandwich.  They are best hot out of the oven.  Just mix and let do not need to knead...from start to finish it takes about 1 1/2 hours...the longest part being letting them rise.

They were much prettier fresh out of the oven....these are the left overs. 


  1. I really am going to have to try them! AC