Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sky on Fire in the East

What a morning! The clouds are floating by and the sun is coming up  with a burst of brightness.  A light cool breeze is blowing in from the east.  It is a perfect morning.  The dear deer are having their corn and chasing each other around trying to be the only one to have the feast. I pushed up two windows so I could hear the birds and feel the breeze.  That will only be for a short time---soon it will be time for the air conditioner.

Yesterday was hot, but we went for a short drive up another canyon.  There are old fruit trees up there
and since our fruit trees have lost all their fruit, we wanted to check and see if the pear tree had anything to offer this fall.  Surprise! There were some pears. One tree had two...very beautiful, perfectly shaped green pears.  Since there were squirrels popping up in the neighboring trees, we decided to pick the two pears and bring them home.  The other tree had a few more on it.  They will not ripen until late September, so that is a long time to wait for pears, and I don't think the squirrels will be waiting.


  1. Sure are pretty pears!! Are you going to eat them? AC