Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday Morning Musings

Here it is...Already Saturday..where did the week go?  Once again the morning is cloudy, but no rain.  It has been raining off and on all week and we have not seen much of the sun.  Makes for a cooler day.

This morning I went out while the hubby was having his hot tea and watered in my FG.  The plants are starting to come back from the beating they received from the hail storm.  The potted tomato plant is just growing like crazy...blooms are starting to pop out all over it.  I hear from others that the hot summer will zap the tomato plants and they will die, but this one sure looks like it will live on for another month or so..maybe we will have some good cherry tomatoes.

One plant that has really bloomed through it all (hail storm) is the Black footed daisy... also another plant that looks like a coleus, but is not, is just getting bigger and bigger.  I think it needs a little rough handling to make it grow.  The color is so pretty.  I am going to bring a stalk inside and see if it will root.

white black foot daisy and  pink 4 o'clock
tomato plant trying to take over

better than a coleus..does not send out blooms...just gets bigger- love the colors
salvia planted this spring from seeds...great grower and bloomer--the hummingbirds enjoy it


  1. Wow, those plants are massive!!! They are really gorgeous. I love the colors! Thank you so much for letting us see them! They are really really beautiful! I hope you get tomatoes soon too! That would be so nice!

  2. So pretty!! I am glad that you have found flowers that are blooming in your area and that the deer have not gotten them! Really neat! AC