Friday, July 4, 2014

Lesson Learned

A lesson learned this morning.  Oh it is a beautiful morning here in the canyon..the sky is clear, the morning air is cool, and the dear deer are wondering around in the pasture. But all is not nice on the porch.  I always turn on the porch light to see what is outside -I like to get up early- and this morning I was greeted with a mess. Not thinking anything about it, we had left a case of sweetened green tea sitting out on the porch.  By now you know what happened...yep, green tea all over the porch...puddles of it.  They (or one) didn't just open one bottle to they opened at least 4!  What a mess, but it is a lesson learned.


  1. What did it? Did they bite the cans? I guess they were thirsty?

  2. Oops! Coons? AC