Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hot, Hot, Hot

It all started yesterday afternoon..I was busy in the kitchen and the sweat was just forming puddles around my forehead.  Well, time to turn down the air...after all, I don't want to perspire.  So off I go to punch the little button...hmmm 79*...and I had it set on 73*...punch more buttons...things went even warmer..up to 81*. punch more buttons, cut off the unit...turn on the cool air, but air blowing...Well, it was after 5 so, of course, the dealer was closed, but hubby left a message.

You know why we kept the standing fan in our room?  Just for this, I guess, for it was on and the ceiling fan was on.  Took a nice cool shower and let the fans blow. It was so cool, we even pulled up some covers...then kicked them off, pulled them up and on for the night.

First thing this morning a call went out to the dealer...yes, she had just gotten our message and would have someone out today.  Ever heard that line?  But, about 10 o'clock he pulls up and starts to determine what the problem is.  Yea! no new unit needed...just a stopped up line that would not let the water drain out of the little catch the water pan...Now, we are to pour Clorox down the pipe once a month to keep it open. Ahhhhh the good ole days when the air conditioner is working like it should.

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  1. Haha!!! That made me laugh! Glad it got fixed! And they were quick! AC