Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hot Out of the Kiln

It is like Christmas morning or Eve...whenever you open presents...when I have fired a new set of tiles.  This morning the Kiln had cooled enough to open and see what had happened.  Some are ok, some I like, and some were a ...well, not a disaster, but I did not care for what I did.  Yes, I have only myself to blame.  An idea went wrong, a hand was to shaky, or the pen globed and I did not start over.  But each time I fire I learn something new.  So this time I did learn something new...I have been using black as an outline, but it is so dark and bold, but this time I used another lighter color.  I liked it. 


  1. I am sure there were some great ones in the batch! Use the other ones in your flower garden? Looking forward to seeing the new ones! Ac

  2. I like the lighter outline too.