Sunday, April 6, 2014

Faithful Table

It has been around for a number of least from the early 50's.. It followed us north to Alaska, back to Texas, north to North Dakota, and now back to Texas.  If it could talk.  When it lived at my grandmother's house, each spring she would give it a coat of varnish, so it was almost black when it came to live with me.  Natural wood was in style back then, so I stripped and stripped to get it down to the wood.  Yes, it is oak. 

But now before and after is the trend.  And I do like some of the afters.  One thing to remember, the paint will always come off.  Here is it's transformation. I do like the way it turned out.

Oak before
Base Coat
To plain and white
Dry Brushed with Brown
All finished


  1. I think it looks really good! You did a nice job! I like that the top is still the oak. That is really cool! Thanks for taking pictures!

  2. That looks really good!! I can imagine all the sanding you had to do to see the oak! AC