Sunday, March 2, 2014

It's Not Yesterday

Good morning. Yes it is a good morning even though it is a misty morning.  The calm before the storm.
I am glad I was outside yesterday looking at all the peach and pear blooms, and the wildflower blooms.

  We  started on my little flower garden spot.  Since we have dear deer, and they eat everything--even deer resistant plants-- I requested a high fence around an old dead cedar tree.  Now, I will have a protected area that can be used for sun loving plants or plants that need just a little shade.  I have water close by, so I am all set.  But back to the start...we have four corner post driven into the rocky clay based soil.  Next, we will wire some cattle/hog panels to the post.  Should do the trick.  I can't wait to gather up tubs, pots, old things that will hold dirt.  I think I will mostly go with a container garden.  As I said, the soil is rocky and clay based....really rocky.  It will not be a fence of beauty, but the heart will be beautiful. 

Hummingbirds!!  There was one hummingbird in the area yesterday.  I filled one feeder and put it out, but what about today?  I don't think the poor little fellow should stay around.  It is suppose to drop down into the 20's tonight.  So...sigh....there goes the fruit trees...Maybe? the coldest air will go around us?...

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  1. Yeah! I hope that you have some beautiful flowers!! I sure hope the pears and peaches do not get any frost! How are they looking? AC