Friday, February 7, 2014

No Sun Today

Well, yes it is winter, but we are in South Texas!  What gives?  Another cold front has passed by and left us with 24 degrees on the thermometer.
Now that it is light enough to see what kind of morning is greeting us, I think I will be staying in most of the day--maybe sewing some.   The hills are foggy and maybe have some ice on them.  No snow yet.  I think we are suppose to have more of an icy day rather than a snowy day.

With the heavy mist, the ice could really add up...start breaking tree branches and electric wires.  In the north, with a blizzard blowing, no electricity can really be interesting.  That is when a wood burner comes in handy.  Old habits die hard, so  we have a wood burner here in South Texas.  We can heat the house and cook on it - if need be.  I really hope not to try that out...central air and heat is so nice on a cold morning.  A fire will be nice later in the morning when we can just toast ourselves a little on each side. 

I see the dear deer out front waiting for me to come out and feed.  With the colder temps, they really like to run and play.  They dodge around the trees and bushes chasing each other--first one chases and then turns and is chased.  A few days ago, one young nubbin buck tried to chase off a flock of turkeys.  They would just scatter and go around him and start eating his feed again.

One thing did move the turkeys.  All of a sudden they took off and headed for the trees.  What had scared them?  That is when I saw him...a red tailed hawk.  He circled around and then landed in the top of a tree not far from where the turkeys were hiding.  No one moved.  Finally the hawk gave up and flew off, the turkeys relaxed and came out from the trees and went on about their business. 

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