Tuesday, January 28, 2014

English Muffin Bread update

Ok it is not like store bought.  But in the category of homemade Muffin bread, I will make it again...Also, we did not let it cool before we cut and toasted.  That may make a difference.  I also cut some slices thicker than others...the thinner slices toasted better.  I used the broiler to toast one side and then the other--but I think it will stay together in a bread toaster.  Anyway, it was good and crunchy.  Hmmmm maybe I do need to try a recipe that makes two loaves; there is only 1/2 a loaf left. It was fun and easy to try.


  1. It sounds like it was a success! I hope you can tweak it a bit and I am sure it will be like McD's! And I like your tile! AC

  2. Well, I'm so glad I saw this! Have you tried making little loaves instead of one loaf? You'd have to cook them for less time. I have a recipe, I think, but it's for the bread machine. Maybe we can compare. I haven't tried it. I'm glad it turned out!!! And it's probably so much healthier than McDonalds!