Monday, October 28, 2013

Turkeys Are Back

Last spring we were so excited to have a flock of wild turkeys coming in around the house...we would move slow, turn off the lights, and NOT go outside.  Everyday they were our guest, until it became routine and we decided to go on about our business.  If they ran off, they would be back.  But, one day they did not come back....a few days later, only 3 came in and then there were none. We decided that turkeys must roam and look for other areas to eat.

So now we see that they may have a pattern.  They like to winter down in the valley and go out on the mountain tops during the summer.  Anyway, last week we had about 25 wild turkeys back in.
Shot from the Kitchen window
Now it is back to moving slow, turning off the lights so they can't see us, and not going outside.


  1. That is a lot of turkeys!!!! What a pretty view! AC

  2. That's neat! Hopefully you can get back to normal soon though.